APSC TUTORIALS DAILY QUIZ ANSWERS: Indian Economy MCQs; Q1. ‘Antyodaya’ scheme is – A) to help tribal area of the country. B) to help physically handicapped persons. C) to help economically weakest of the society. ✅✅ D) to protect Harijan from terrorist.   Q2. In which year the National Adult Education Programme was launched ? …

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General English (Preposition) MCQs

PREPOSITIONS : Prepositions are very important for their wide variety of use. A preposition refers to a wide with a noun or pronoun to show preposition,direction,place, etc.   Exercise for practice Choose the right preposition. 1.The boy jumped ____the well. A) into ✅✅ B) in C) by D) upon 2.The bag is made…… leather. A) …

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