Assam History GK Test Paper Solved 2021

General Knowledge Assam History MCQ Paper:   Assam History Solved Gk Test Paper     1. Who established the Mlechchha dynasty in Kamarupa Kingdom, Assam ? (a) Bhaskar Varman (b) Salasthambha (c) Supratisthita Varman (d) Sukaphaa   2. Protohistoric Assam has been reconstructed from folklore epics like …… (a) Kalika Purana (b) Yogini Tantra (c) …

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Assam daily mcqs

    Assam daily MCQ   Assam daily MCQ plays an important role in every competitive exam in Assam. In order to improve your marking, you must be aware of each and every topic of Assam daily mcqs. We have updated our post with a set of 300+ most common         ১) …

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