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7)The Kachari King to assume the title 'Pratap Narayan' after defeating the Ahoms was:

15) "আপোন ঘৰ" আঁচনিৰ হিতাধিকাৰী বাবে অসম চৰকাৰে ঋণ ৰেহাই কৰিবলে কিমান টকা আগবঢ়াইছে ?

12) The rule of Ahom kingdom ended with the invasion of

11)Rang Ghar was rebuild during the reign of-

13) Who is the current Chief Justice of Guwahati High Court?

9) In 1794 the capital of Ahom Kingdom was shifted from Rangpur to-

10) Which of the following ruler is popularly known as "Chilarai" ?

19) 'অসমীয়া সাহিত্যৰ চানেকি' গ্রন্থখন কাৰ ৰচনা ?

22)সাহিত্য অকাডেমি বঁটা প্ৰাপ্ত প্ৰথম অসমীয়া উপন্যাসখনৰ নাম কি?

21) The Barpeta Satra was established by

23) The first Assamese film Joymoti was released in the year -

3) If A lends Rs. 3500 to B at 10% p.a. and B lends the same sum to C at 11.5% p.a., then the gain of B (in Rs.) in a period of 3 years is

2) Find the simple interest on the Rs. 2000 at 25/4% per annum for the period from 4th Feb 2005 to 18th April 2005

18) In which year, Arunachal Pradesh became full fledged State of India?

20) পদ্মশ্ৰী সন্মান লাভ কৰা প্ৰথম গৰাকী অসমীয়া মহিলা সাহিত্যিক কোন আছিল?

1) Which Union minister inaugurated the kimin Potin Road along with 11 other roads in areas between assam and Arunachal Pradesh on 16 june 2021

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