PM Modi Addressed at 95th ICC Plenary Session:

PM Modi Addressed at 95th ICC Plenary Session:

On June 11, Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi addressed at 95th Annual Session of Indian Chamber of Commerce through Virtually.

First of all PM Modi talked about the Pandemic Situation of Covid-19. which has been facing India since March, 2020 , also he mentioned about the Environmental Disaster.  which has recently effects many States of the Nation and admit and appeal for fighting together.

PM Modi urges to the citizens of this nation to make ‘A Self Reliant India’ and talked in the reference of Vivekananda’s Quote that India has potentiality to grow up as a global producer and take market on globally. PM Modi also said that India has to revive it’s manufacture sector and grow up as a manufacturing hub. He also talked about the economic conditions of the country has been facing. PM Modi also said that it’s the time to take bold decision and action for take control over economy of India.

Indian Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1925
Kolkata is the HQ of ICC.

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