Notes on the Making of Constitution(Part-I)

Important Point

*  Mahatma Gandhi was the first person who think about a Constitution for Indian’s.

*  The Idea of a Constituent Assembly for India was put forward for the first time M.N. Roy in 1935.

*  Jawaharlal Nehru was the behalf of Indian National Congress, in 1938 officially declared for the Indian Constitution.

*  The Constituent Assembly was constituted in November 1946, under the scheme formulated by the Cabinet Mission Plan.

*  It has constituted a total number of 389 members, of these 296 seats were to be allotted to British India and 93 Seats to the Princely States. out of 196 seats allotted to the British India , 292 members were to be drawn from the eleven Governor’s provinces and 4 members were from Chief Commissioner Provinces(one from each)

*  Each provinces and princely states were to be allotted seats in proportion to their respective population. Roughly one seat was to be allotted for every 10 Lakh Population.

*  Seats allocated to each British Province were to be divided among the three Principal Communities – Muslim, Sikhs, General(All except Muslims and Sikhs) in proportion to their population.

*  The Representative of each community were to be elected by member of that community in the Provincial Legislative Assembly and voting was to be by the method of Proportional representation by means pf Single Transferable vote.

*  The representative of Princely States were to be nominated by the heads of Princely States.

        In is thus clear that the Constituent Assembly was to be a partly elected and partly nominated body.

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1.A hill will always have-

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2. Which of the following is the major contributor to the National Income of India within Primary Sector?

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3. In India the Zamindari System was first introduce in-

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4. In terms of Nominal GDP, Indian economy is the world's

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5. The Second five year plan of India advocated substantial investment in

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6. The aggregate growth model followed by First Five-Year Plan in India was the growth model developed by

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7. Which of the following is known as the Land of Midnight Sun?

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8. Which of the following rivers of India does not meet the Bay of Bengal?

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9. Identify the district which ranks first in regards to density of Population as per 2011 Census?

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10. Which of the following Wildlife Sanctuaries is Located in Udalguri district?

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