One Liner GK [Latest GK]

One Liner GK:

  1. Kalbelia is the Folk Dance of which Indian State?


Answer: Rajasthan


  1. First Indian Woman Member of International Olympic Committee:


Answer: Nita Ambani


  1. Subsidiary Alliance was framed by:


Answer: Lord Wellesley


  1. Jallikattu Festival is from which State of India?


Answer: Tamil Nadu


  1. Mughal Emperor who granted the Diwani of Bengal, Bihar & Orissa to the East India Company:


Answer: Shah Alam II


  1. National Testing Agency (NTA) was founded in:

Answer: November 2017


  1. 18th Asian Games held in:


Answer: Jakarta – Palembang


  1. Forbes Highest Paid Female Athlete 2020:


Answer: Naomi Osaka


  1. Active Volcano in Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Answer: Barren Island


  1. Interim Finance Minister in 2019


Answer: Piyush Goyal


  1. Who was IPL 2020 most valuable player?


Answer: Jofra Archer


  1. First Viceroy of India:


Answer: Lord Canning


  1. Writer of the the Book – ‘The End of Imagination’:


Answer: Arundhati Roy


  1. Baneshwar fair is conducted in:


Answer: Dungarpur district in Rajasthan state of India


  1. Which river passes through the mountains of Mahabaleshwar?


Answer: Krishna River


  1. Headquarters of HDFC Bank:


Answer: Mumbai, Maharashtra


  1. The name of Neil Island has been changed to:


Answer: Shaheed Island


  1. Indian Bank has been merged with which bank?


Answer: Allahabad Bank


  1. President Election is part of which article of Indian Constitution?


Answer: Article 54


  1. How many teams had participated in IPL 2020?


Answer: 8


  1. How many moons does Planet Mars have?


Answer: 2 – Phobos and Deimos


  1. Mollem National Park is in:


Answer: Goa


  1. Establishment year of DRDO:


Answer: 1958


  1. Queen of Arabian Sea:


Answer: Kochi (Cochin)


  1. ONGC Headquarter:


Answer: Delhi


  1. When was the Constitution of India adopted by the Constituent Assembly?


Answer: 26th November 1949


  1. Which country has the longest handwritten Constitution?


Answer: India


  1. UNSC’s number of permanent members:


Answer: 5 – The UNSC has 15 member and five of them — US, UK, Russia, China and France — are permanent members, who have veto rights.


  1. Kita-bul-Hind author:


Answer: Alberuni is the author of Kitab-ul-Hind


  1. Joint Session of Parliament comes under which article:


Answer: Article 108


  1. Full form of PDF:


Answer: Portable Document Format


  1. Majuli Island is on which river?


Answer: Brahmaputra River


  1. K. Laxman is related to which field:


Answer: Indian cartoonist, illustrator, and humorist


  1. Who discovered India?


Answer: Vasco De Gama


  1. In the suffix, it includes “-all” is from which group?


Answer: Aldehyde


  1. Vikramshila University was established by:


Answer: Pala Emperor Dharmapala


  1. Brahmos was made by which two countries?


Answer: India and Russia



  1. Who has recently resigned from WTO as its Chief?


Answer: Robert Azevedo


  1. Silk is generated from:


Answer: Cocoon (Silk Worm)


  1. First Chairman of ISRO:


Answer: Vikram Sarabhai’


  1. Full form of FTTP:


Answer: Fiber to the premises


  1. Ignited Minds Author Name:


Answer: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


  1. Meghaduta is written by whom:


Answer: Kalidasa


  1. Red data book contains which species?


Answer: Endangered Species


  1. South Africa’s Lanlocked Country:


Answer: Lesotho is also the southernmost landlocked country in the world and is entirely surrounded by South Africa.


  1. UN Day for clean air:


Answer: 7th September


  1. Who Scheme gives 100 days employment guarantee?


Answer: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA)


  1. First Five Year Plan:


Answer: The first five-year plan in India was launched in 1951.


  1. The main focus in the 11th Five Year Plan:


Answer: The Eleventh Five Year Plan aims to achieve improved quality of life for the citizens of the state and contribute to the larger national goals of socio-economic development.


  1. Height of K2 Mountain:


Answer: 8,611 meters


  1. Who gave Mahatma title to Gandhi ji?


Answer: Rabindranath Tagore


  1. Last Viceroy of India:


Answer: Lord Louis Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of British India


  1. Mudumalai National Park is in:


Answer: Tamil Nadu


  1. Who is appointed as President of PTI?


Answer: Aveek Sarkar


  1. Chemical formula of laughing gas:


Answer: N2O


  1. Harappa civilization was discovered by:


Answer: Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahni


  1. Who founded World Wide Web?


Answer: Tim Berners-Lee


  1. UNESCO Headquarter:


Answer: Paris, France


  1. Who provides the link between hardware and operator?



  1. CISF Foundation Year:


Answer: It was set up under an Act of the Parliament of India on 10 March 1969 with a strength of 2,800.


  1. 2016 rare dinosaur fossils were found in which state?


Answer: Gujarat


  1. International Monetary Fund number of countries:


Answer: 190


  1. Statue of Unity Designer Name:


Answer: Ram V. Sutar


  1. “Coolie” Novel author name:


Answer: Mulk Raj Anand


  1. First Cotton Mill of India:


Answer: Bombay, 1854


  1. Muslim League foundation year:

Answer: 1906


  1. Indian Astronomy Mission on X-ray, optical UV spectral bands. Name of the mission?


Answer: AstroSat


  1. Mizo National Front founder name:


Answer: Laldenga


  1. In a country, 20 boys were trapped in a cave. Which country was that?


Answer: Thailand



  1. Mohiniyattam Dance form belongs to which Indian State?


Answer: Kerala


  1. Passage to India Author:


Answer: Edward Morgan Forster


  1. The little Balance Book Author:


Answer: Galileo Galilei


  1. Right to equality is in which article?


Answer: Article 14 to Article 18


  1. What is Bengal Gazette?


Answer: First English Language Newspaper of India


  1. How many blue flag certificates have been awarded to Beaches in India?


Answer: Eight


  1. Goa CM 2018:


Answer: Manohar Parikkar


  1. The first Battle of Panipat:


Answer: 1526 – The First Battle of Panipat was fought between the forces of Babur and Ibrahim Lodi on 21 April 1526.


  1. Who established the East India Society?


Answer: DadabhaiNaoroji


  1. Quit India Movement started in?


Answer: August 1942


  1. UNESCO’s Director General:


Answer: Audrey Azoulay


  1. First RBI Governor:


Answer:  Sir Osborne Smith


  1. First Nuclear test in Pokhran:


Answer: Smiling Buddha (1974)


  1. NGT establishment year:


Answer: 2010


  1. National Skill Development Program started on:


Answer: 15 July 2015


  1. Current Chief Election Commissioner of India:


Answer: Sunil Arora


  1. After Dandi March which movement was started?


Answer: Civil disobedience movement – Salt Satyagraha



  1. Hornbill Festival is I which State of India?


Answer: Nagaland


  1. Full form of OMR:


Answer: Optical Mark Recognition (also called Optical Mark Reading)


  1. When did Cripps Mission come to India?


Answer: March 1942


  1. Article of Panchayati Raj in Indian Constitution:


Answer: The 73rd Amendment 1992 added a new Part IX to the constitution titled “The Panchayats” covering provisions from Article 243 to 243(O); and a new Eleventh Schedule covering 29 subjects within the functions of the Panchayats.


  1. Headquarters of IMF:


Answer: Washington, D.C., United States


  1. Name of cyclone in West Bengal came in 2020:


Answer: Amphan


  1. Satyamev Jayate is taken from which Upanishad?


Answer: Mundaka Upanishad


  1. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of:


Answer: Vitamin A


  1. Kanha National Park is in:


Answer: DescriptionKanha National Park, also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve, is a vast expanse of grassland and forest in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.


  1. Teacher of Chandragupta Maurya:


Answer: Chanakya


  1. Abolition of Titles article in Indian Constitution:


Answer: Article 18


  1. Ore of Mercury:


Answer: cinnabar


  1. How to measure the speed of the Printer?


Answer: The speed of early printers was measured in units of characters per minute (cpm) for character printers, or lines per minute (lpm) for line printers. Modern printers are measured in pages per minute (ppm).


  1. Great Barrier Reef is in:


Answer: The reef is located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia.


  1. Gandhi Peace Prize 2018 given to:


Answer: Yohei Sasakawa


  1. Maximum Gold Medal in Olympics:


Answer: Michael Phelps (United States) – Swimming – 23 gold medals


  1. Gas in Soda Water:


Answer: Carbon Dioxide


  1. Ease of Doing Business Index launched by which organization?


Answer: World Bank


  1. Niti Aayog Founded in:


Answer: 1 January 2015


  1. Karakoram Pass is located in:


Answer: The Karakoram Pass is a 5,540 m or 18,176 ft mountain pass between India and China in the Karakoram Range.



  1. Who was the Runner up of the Men’s Single Australian Open 2020?


Answer: Dominic Thiem


  1. What is the full form of LPG?


Answer: Liquefied petroleum gas


  1. Champaran Satyagraha was held in which year?


Answer: 19 April 1917


  1. Dilwara Temple is located in which Indian State?


Answer: Rajasthan


  1. UNO motto 2030:


Answer: Sustainable Development


  1. Oldest stock exchange in Asia:


Answer: BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd


  1. World Red Cross Day is celebrated on which date?


Answer: 8th May


  1. Biography of Kalpana Chawla was written by:


Answer: Jean Pierre Harrison


  1. 1st Women IPS who crossed the South Pole:


Answer: Aparna Kumar has become the first woman Indian Police Service (IPS) and ITBP officer to successfully conquer the South Pole, the southernmost point on the globe situated in Antarctica.


  1. District court comes under:


Answer: State Government in India – The District Court of India are established by the State Government in India for every district or more than one district taking into account the number of cases, population distribution in the district.


  1. India’s First Nuclear Test:


Answer: 18 May 1974


  1. In which of the following vitamin yeast is present?


Answer: B-complex vitamins


  1. Diphu Pass is in:


Answer: Arunachal Pradesh


  1. Happiness Index started in which year?


Answer: 2011


  1. Which is the largest Oil Company in India?


Answer: ONGC


  1. Which is the largest Gas Reserve in the world?


Answer: Russia


  1. In which year Internet in India started?


Answer: 15th August, 1995


  1. DPSP is in which part of the Indian Constitution?


Answer: Part III of the Constitution was made Justiciable and the non-justiciable part was added in Part IV (Article 36 to Article 51) of the Indian Constitution. This part is called the Directive Principles of State Policy. DPSPs are positive obligations on the state.



  1. EVM first used in which State of India?


Answer: Kerala


  1. Battle of Plassey occurred in:


Answer: 1757 – The Battle of Plassey was fought in north-eastern India on 23 June 1757


  1. RAM is located in:


Answer: Motherboard


  1. Harshacharita was written by:


Answer: Banabhatta


  1. Dutee Chand National Record in 100 M:


Answer: 11.22 Seconds


  1. First Muslim President of INC:


Answer: BadruddinTyabji


  1. Digital India Scheme launched in:


Answer: 2015


  1. NH3 Passes through which States of India?


Answer: Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra


  1. ISRO lost connection with Chandrayaan 1 on:


Answer: 29th August 2009


  1. Maximum Number of Cabinet Minister:


Answer: 15 % of Total – According to the Constitution of India, the total number of ministers in the council of ministers must not exceed 15% of the total number of members of the Lok Sabha.


  1. Full Form of FTP:


Answer: File Transfer Protocol


  1. Chairman of Central Pollution Control Board:


Answer: Shiv Das Meena


  1. Current Chairman of National Green Tribunal:


Answer: Retired Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel


  1. Dhupgarh is in:


Answer: Satpura Range – Mount Dhupgarh or Dhoopgarh is the highest point in the Mahadeo Hills (Satpura Range), Madhya Pradesh, India.


  1. RBI Public Awareness Campaign Brand Ambassador:


Answer: Amitabh Bachchan


  1. Rani Padmavati was the queen of:


Answer: Chittorgarh


  1. The largest boundary with India:


Answer: Bangladesh


  1. Valency of Carbon:


Answer: 4


  1. Full form of ADB or AIIB:


Answer: Asian Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


  1. Vijay Nagar Empire was in:


Answer: Hampi – The Vijayanagara Empire built its capital around Hampi, calling it Vijayanagara.

  1. First Livestock Census in India was conducted in which year?


Answer: The Livestock Census in the country started in the year 1919-1920.



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