Assam History MCQs ( Part 1 )

Assam History MCQs ( Part 1):

Q1. The treaty of Gauhati (1833) had concluded between –


a) Chandrakanta Singha and Robertson

b) Purandar Singha and Devid Scott

c) Robertson and Purandar Singha ✅✅

d) Narayana amd Robertson



Q2. Mingimaha Bandula was the General of-


a) British

b) Burmese ✅

c) Ahoms

d) Mughals


Q3. Who was the de-facto ruler of Assam during the reign of Jogeswar Singha ?


a) Mir Jumla

b) Mingimaha Bandula ✅✅

c) Robert Clive

d) Lord Cornwallis


Q4. Who was the king of Burma at the time of the treaty of Yandabo ?


a) Bai-Gyi-daw ✅✅

b) Mingimaha Bandula

c) Thibaw Min

d) None of them


Q5. who was the British General at the time to the Treaty of Yandabo ?


a) Captain Welsh

b) Archibald Campbell ✅✅

b) Devid Scott

d) Richards

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