Daily Quiz MCQs ( 23&24th July)

Daily Quiz MCQs by APSC Tutorials:

23rd July,2021

1.Ten degree channel is between –

A. Little Andaman and Car Nicobar ✅✅

B. Dover and Calais

C. Alaska and Russia

D. North Korea and South Korea


2.The eastern Coast of India is known as-

A. Coromandal Coast ✅✅

B. Eastern Plateau

C. Bengal Coast

D. Cyclonic Coast


3. Pulses are good source of –

A. Fats

B. Proteins✅✅

C. Carbohydrates

D. None of the above


4.Which foreign country is closest to Andaman Islands ?

A. Pakistan

B. Sri Lanka

C. Myanmar✅✅

D. Indonesia



5. Hunting instrument harpoon is used by ,

A. Papuan

B. Vedda

C. Bushman

D. Eskimo✅✅



6.The largest steel plant of the country is-

A. Durgapur

B. Bhilai

C. Bokaro✅✅

D. Rourkela



7. The leading sulphur producing country in the world

A. U.K

B. U.S.A ✅✅

C. Russia

D. Japan


8. The determining factor of population region is

A. Birth rate

B. Death rate

C. Density of population ✅✅

D. All of the above


9. Which one of the following forest is found in Sundarbans?

A. Coastal forest. ✅✅

B. Evergreen forest

C. Coniferous forest

D. Deciduous forest



10.Rangap in Sikkim is famous for-

A. Aluminum

B. Bauxite

C. Mica

D. Cooper✅✅

24th July,2021

1. The Kamakhya Temple was rebuilt during the reign of Koch king-

A. Biswa Singha

B. Narnarayan✅✅

C. Raghu Dev

D. Chilarai


2. The Hayagriva Madhav temple of Hajo is located in which hill ?

A. Agnigarh Hill

B. Mikir Hills

C. Manikut Hill✅✅

D. Nilachal Hill


3. In which month,Ambubachi Mela is celebrated in Kamakhya Temple?

A. Bohag

B. Magh

C. Ahaar✅✅

D. Kati


4. Assam police Day is observed on-

A. 1st October✅✅

B. 13th January

C. 4th April

D. 8th September


5. Who is the central Minister of Panchayati Raj ?

A. Giriraj Singh✅✅

B. Anurag Singh Thakur

C. Smriti Irani

D. Sarbananda Sonowal


6. Who has launched “Arogyo Rakshak Health Insurance Scheme”?

A. Reliance

B. Tata

C. LIC✅✅



7. Which bank has tied up with for Indian Navy Salary Account?

A. State Bank of India

B.Canara bank

C. Punjab National Bank

D. Kotak Mahindra Bank✅✅


8. How many districts does Uttar Pradesh have?

A. 75✅✅

B. 72

C. 58

D. 80


9. Who has been selected for AIFF Woman’s Footballer of the year 2021?

A. Maymol Rocky

B. Bala Devi✅✅

C. Aditi Chauhan

D. Dalima Chhibber


10. Which state has started Pink Protection Project?

A. Assam

B. Sikkim

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. Kerala ✅✅

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