Indian Economy MCQs;

Q1. ‘Antyodaya’ scheme is –

A) to help tribal area of the country.

B) to help physically handicapped persons.

C) to help economically weakest of the society. ✅✅

D) to protect Harijan from terrorist.


Q2. In which year the National Adult Education Programme was launched ?


a) 1975

b) 1978 ✅✅

c) 1991

d) 1977


Q3. Tenth Five Year Plan have been started from –


a) April, 2002 ✅✅

b) 31st March,2002

c) January,2002

d) November,2002


Q4. The Planning Commission in India set up in-


a) 1937

b) 1950 ✅✅

c) 1952

d) 1949


Q5. Tenth Five Year Plan aims at achieving an average growth rate of –


a) 8% ✅✅

b) 12%

c) 4%

d) 6 %


Q6. The main source of India’s National Income is –


a) Agriculture

b) Service Sector ✅✅

c) Industry

d) All of the above


Q7. What is the current Rapo Rate of RBI?


a) 3.25%

b) 2.25%

c) 2.15%

d) 4%✅✅


Q8. Asia’s first natural gas based power station is located at –


a) Sivsagar

b) Noonmati

c) Duliajan ✅✅

d) Bongaigaon


Q9. The apex institution for industrial fiance in India is –



b) UTI

c) IDBI ✅✅



Q10. MRTS stand for –


a) Medium Rapid Trasit System.

b) Mass Rapid Trasit System.

c) Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Suppression.

d) Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution.✅✅


Indian History MCQs;


Q11. Which battle did Babur fight against the Afghans?


a) Panipat

b) Ghaghara ✅✅

c) Khanua

d) Chanderi


Q12. The Black hole was a prison used by –


a) The French in Bengal

b) The Mughals

c) The English to lock up those stealing the company’s property ✅✅

d) The Nawab of Bengal


Q13. Who introduced Permanent Settlement System in Bengal?


a) Lord Cornwallis ✅✅

b) Lord Wellesley

c) Lord Warren Hastings

d) Lord Delhousie


Q14. When did the Battle of Plassey take place ?


a) 1957

b) 1777

c) 1757 ✅✅

d) 1857


Q15. The Permanent Settlement of Bengal brought maximum benifit to –


a) Zamindars✅✅

b) Ryot(Peasants)

c) Government

d) Government Officials


Q16. In which year was the East India Company founded ?


a) 1606 AD

b) 1650 AD

c) 1600 AD ✅✅

d) 1602 AD


Q17. Who was know as “Colonel Clive’s Jackel ” ?


a) Amichand

b) Manik Chand

c) Jagat Seth

d) Mir Jafar ✅✅



Q18. After the battle of Plassey , the East India Company was granted undisputed right to free trade in –


a) Bengal

b) Bihar

c) Orissa

d) All of these ✅✅


Q19. The East India Company received the 24 Pargana district from –


a) Mir Kasim

b) Mir Jafar ✅✅

c) Siraj-ud-daula

d) Alivardi Khan


Q20. The real founder of British Empire in India was ?


a) Clive ✅✅

b) Warren Hastings

c) Wellesley

d) Delhousie

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