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Q1. When is the International Dance Day celebrated?

a) 27th  April

b) 28th April

c) 29th April

d) 30th April

Q2. Which state government has started Ayur Raksha clinics for Covid-19 prevention program?

a) Uttarakhand

b) Assam

c) Kerala

d) Uttar Pradesh

Q3. Recently passed away Troy Sneed was a famous?

a) Journalist

b) Singer

c) Athlete

d) Author

Q4. Which country will host the Men’s World Boxing Championship 2021?

a) India

b) Serbia

c) Sri Lanka

d) England

Q5. Which bank has recently announced the purchase of a 29% stake in Max Life Insurance?

a) Axis Bank

b) LIC India

c) HDFCBank

d) SBI

Q6. Recently, with whom India has signed a loan agreement of usd 1.5 billion?

A) Asian Development Bank

b) World Bank


d) IMF

Q7. When was the Asian Development Bank Established?

a) 1967

b) 1966

c) 1996

d) 1995

Q8. DIKSHA is a –

a) National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers.

b) National Digital Infrastructure for Doctors.

c) National Digital Infrastructure for Students.

d) None of these

Q9. Where is the Headquarter of The International Financial Services Centre Authority?

a) Washington

b) Gandhinagar

c) New York City

d) None of these

Q10. The headquarters of WIPO is located-

a) New York

b) Delhi

c) Geneva

d) Beijing

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