Coronavirus, its terror on the world and its educational, social and economic impact

“Coronavirus, its terror on the world and its educational, social and economic impact”

Yes, globalization has limitation. However the question arises does globalization limits the transnational boundary? Is the globalization really anti-civilization and anti-freedom for across the globe? The current pandemic of the world which is beyond epidemic is really a threat to human civilization and environment. These pandemic can realize the human race civilized with too uncivilized and global trade war among the north-south where the corona terror never limited in national boundary. Further the sustainable concept education, social, economy currently become seal. Meanwhile sectarian attitude in Indian context and unknowing of terror situation by common peoples is really failure of people itself. The global governance failure and sudden question of education, social and economic impact. Here implies the mutual dependent among the nation and basic freedom of common peoples. It is necessary to know the identity question but humanization is the first priority.

Sustainability is first then world

In a democratic environment the sustainability and basic human rights are essential commodity for everyone. If the individual sustainability is failing in the race of human civilization then the social, economy, education itself a question marks. Right now the global world is converted the charter to a global village. The changing world does not signify the global equality rather global interdependent. However the global capitalist domination and the third world like Indians continuity in world politics in crisis situation outline to vex circumstances. The science and technology upgradation is not only for human survival in lieu of that survival for universe. Currently no one can find out Pandemic actual causes and vaccination. Contrary of that as a global emerging power China is first responsible because in Wuhan city first outline the cases. Accordingly the health facility of third world is poor then countries like USA, UK, Italy, French etc. Hence the survival of poor people particularly the daily workers, not jobholders, slums areas peoples is noteworthy.

Global economic voice and Corona terror

Nevertheless in the core, periphery and semi-peripheral mutuality shows a global capitalist domination. When comes to the underdevelopment and developing question they are depend on developed nations. In the mean time economy depicted the nature of society in a larger context. The corona terror, popularly we can call non state actor not only impact the sustainable aspect as well as beyond humanity that is rights for everyone. Yet, we saw great depression, global financial crisis, OPAC crisis and now the Corona terror across the globe. Accordingly to overcome this Pandemic the sudden calling of SAARC summit and G-20 summit signifies the global coherent. Further the global economic competitor china and USA’s economy become slowdown due to the pandemic. The international actor IMF, UNCTAD pointed out the third world particularly developing states would effect in a larger aspect. Those states who are dependent on capitalist world who they are undergoes on economic recession.

Humanity is beyond society, education and economy

Indeed human construct word humanity is continuously covers a crisis and beauty. The humanity terms covers a large volume where a person can live his/her life in a dignified manner. Primarily food is first common good for every human being because in a veil of ignorance circumstances peoples lose their original identity. If the peoples are getting food then the education, economy and societies chain will remain. In a circle of society it is essential to maintain the balance in all aspects. Nowadays the global competitor environment turn the life to crisis of humanity which shows in corona terror. We do not want any brutality with the human race. The responsibility comes in every aspect such as political, social, cultural, economy, education. In addition the  USA claiming China virus and China claiming USA is responsible but in this regards a counter argument politics lead to a global crisis of humanity. Other hand collective security concept becomes futile.

How far terror and outcome

A conspiracy theory seen after the outbreak of Corona terror but in reality there is no evidence from where this natural pandemic comes. However the first known severe illness caused by a corona virus emerged with the 2003 Severe Acute Syndrome (SAS) in china. A second outbreak of severe illness began in 2012 in Saudi Arabia with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).  Now the COVID-19 is originated in wet market of Wuhan in China. Initially the Chinese government silenced the whistleblowers and downplayed the threat and in 31st December 2019 they informed to WHO and twitted that there is no chance of human to human transform of this virus. Afterwards WHO tries to calm talk of pandemic, says the word “does not fit for facts”. These late declarations of Pandemic on 31st March lead to a world crisis. Above this Mayor of Florence in Italy organized a Hug a Chinese campaign but Chinese government did not informed about this terror of human to human transform of virus. Ultimately the Milan has become like Gwador with Chinese flags waving out the hospitals along with the Italian ones and the whole world come under this crisis and suffering in all aspects. Whereas India is still with cleavage between two groups and some sectarian attitude of conservative groups such as incident like Tablighi Jamaat for Nizamuddin outbreak, Tirupoti temple visit of devotees, Yogi Aditynath pre-dawn ceremony in Ayodhya.

However in this global crisis situation everyone is need concern of terror. We as far as safe we take care of the safety of others, not only human beings but also of plants and animals. Faced with an extraordinary crisis most people tend to be selfish, but this is a crisis that teaches us to think equally of others. It is said that it is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend the world in which we live.




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