Best GK Books for Govt Exams

Best GK Book for Assam Police/Forest/Excise/Junior Assistant/ Junior Administrative Assistant Exam 2020:

If you are preparing the exam for Government jobs, then no doubt the most important and scoring sections are General Knowledgelogical reasoning and Aptitude (Mathematics). Nearly 25% of scores comes from GK Section, which defines the importance of General Knowledge. But the basic problem that we face is preparation, that which book to choose for gk preparation. 


So to make it easy for all of us I am here with this article which provides the list of best General Knowledge books for competitive exams that Will help us in preparation and as well as are very important for general awareness and are very good books to read which will expand our knowledge and intelligence. So Without wasting any time as time is very much important

Let us,

Best GK Book for Assam Police/Forest/Excise/Junior Assistant/ Junior Administrative Assistant Exam 2020

Explore Best GK books   


As GK is an important section for several competitive exams like SSC, Bank, Railway, Police, CLAT, NDA / CDS, IELTS  and various other. A detailed study and good preparation with the right approach and books about General Knowledge will help you and give you an upper hand over others. Before starting with the list of best Gk books let us know the syllabus of the GK section for Competitive exams.

General Knowledge syllabus

After knowing the importance of this section, we ensure to go for the preparation, but before that, we must know the syllabus of GK for any competitive exam. So here are some common topics that we must know for GK or general awareness preparation.

Important topics of GK

  • International Organizations
  • Geography
  • Everyday Science
  • Awards and Honors
  • History
  • Economy
  • Constitution & Polity

These topics are some common topics of GK section now let us know the list of best general knowledge books you must know this 2020.

 General Knowledge 2021 by Arihant 

The books by Arihant are revised every year for aspirants preparing for various upcoming exams to enhance their general awareness so that they can easily handle the questions asked from numerous areas.

It covers key subjects including History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science, and General Knowledge, with latest facts and updates supported by figures, graphics and Tables.

It also provides a highly useful section on current Affairs at the beginning.

This book is Providing accurate, perfect and complete coverage of General Knowledge facts.

The contents in the book are good and broad, covering every single point and fact for Exams. Examples used in the book is simple and easy to understand.

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General Studies 2020 by Disha 

Every year Disha adds new Topics chapter wise questions and answers with proper Syllabus wise update with latest topics covered in the book.

Disha has an expert team of most renowned writers who are pioneer in Competitive exam.

Content in the book is to the point, and very detailed, which is very helpful . and is with Good supplement to boost preparation.

IT has student-friendly content which helps aspirants to do their best.

The book is relevant & has an easy-to-understand presentation in it.

The language used is easy and simple to understand.

General Knowledge Manual 2020 by Pearson 

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This book by Pearson covers Various patterns of exams beautifully and Consists of 1400+ previous year papers which is much beneficial for the readers.

The concept, facts and key points are nicely covered.

This book is the best book for all the subjects in General Knowledge and General studies.

The book is Structured and developed for both classroom use and self-learning.

The topics are covered in a thorough fashion with the presentation of facts and recent updates.

 General Knowledge 2020 by Lucent 

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This book by Lucent Enhance your GK basic knowledge.

The subject matter of this book is comprehensive, thoroughly informative and very useful.

The content of the book has been perfectly divided as per the need of the candidates preparing for the competitive exams.

The book contains 10 chapters in it.

It is the best book for the person who has just started to study GK for their competitive examinations. It has a well-covered syllabus of Gk for competitive examinations.

All the topics in the book are covered with facts and good examples.

The language used is simple and very interactive.

This is the best book to revise before upcoming exams.

General Knowledge capsule 2020 by Disha

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As already described General Studies 2020 by Disha this is the second book by Disha, which is the 4th edition of the book General Knowledge Capsule.

This book is thoroughly revised & updated it is now detailed with Economic Survey 2019 and Union Budget 2019-20.

The book will update your knowledge about India, World and current trends.

The book is the collection of the most relevant information useful to crack the various Competitive Exams.

It provides a complete study of History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science and Technology, sports etc.

Figures, Graphics and Tables are provided along with the theory, wherever required.

The ‘Current Affairs‘ section contains the coverage of the latest news & events.

Three more chapters are also added, which gives information about Indian Railways, Banking in India & Agriculture.

Current Affairs 2020

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Current Affairs 2020 is the best General Awareness, General Knowledge, GK Book, for all competitive exams.

This book is very helpful to every aspirant in their current Affairs norms and competitive exams.

This manual covers most of the current Affairs related events from December 2018 till date.

They prepared this special manual, keeping in mind about students needs of current Affairs for several examinations.

This manual comes with bullets with bold facts which eventually would be helpful for the students.

 This manual consist of National, International, sports, states, Science and tech., environment and Ecology.

It consists of more than a thousand MCQs for your preparation.

Best GK Book for Assam Police/Forest/Excise/Junior Assistant/ Junior Administrative Assistant Exam 2020

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