APSC Prelims Paper 2018

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APSC GS Paper 2018

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Q. What is the GDP growth of India forecast for 2018, as per latest Moody's Investors Service Report, ' Global Macro Outlook',2018-19?

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Q. In which Chinese City, the Indian and Chinese armies launched their 5th Annual anti-terrorism exercise holding and in hand?

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Q. In which City did India's first E-court open?

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Q. SBI has launched a new initiative to facilitates corporates looking to invest in India. What is it called at?

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Q. In 103rd Indian Science Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi coined five Es for enquiry and engineering. What do the five Es stand for?

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Q. Which social networking giant has partnered with National Commission for Women(NCW) to offer digital literacy programme for women?

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