APSC Prelims GS 2018

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APSC GS Paper 2018

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Q. Who wrote the book,  We,the People?

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Q. In which City did India's first E-court open?

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Q. SBI has launched a new initiative to facilitates corporates looking to invest in India. What is it called at?

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Q. Which Indian actor is also a recipient of Jnanpith Award in Literature ?

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Q. If P is taller than Q, R is shorter than P, S is taller than T but shorter than Q, then who among them is the tallest?

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Q. Arun said,"This girl is the wife of the frandson of my mother". Who is Arun to the girl?

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Q. In the numbers from 100 to 1000, how many times digit 1 comes at the 10's place?

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